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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Construction Update – 2/17/09

Our project manager managed to get a panoramic photo from the top of the large rock pile on Newbury Market last week and this week.  When you line them up, it’s amazing how much has changed: February 11th: You can see the amount of demolished foundations that are still on site, as well as the […]

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Site Construction Update – 2/11/09

Winter has not stopped our site crews from moving ahead with demolition and deep dynamic compaction at Newbury Market.  Our site crews are continuing to break up what remains of the old Reichold site, and address the materials that can be recycled into the construction and infrastructure for Newbury Market. Here you see the pavement […]

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2/3/09 Newbury Construction Update

There is a lot of work underway at Newbury!  Our site crews are fully engaged in the deep dynamic compaction work on the Newbury Market site.  Deep dynamic compaction is a process in which soils are compacted using a crane-mounted weight that weighs approximately 12 tons.  The weight is dropped from a specific height in a pattern […]

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