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Aerial Update of Newbury Market

This week we received some aerial photos of the commercial site at Newbury. The photos were taken on December 12 and although some more recent construction is not included, these photos will provide you with the best views of the retail site as a whole.

Please use this site plan and labeled photo to better acquaint yourself with the commercial site at Newbury.

The labeled photo above provides almost a complete overview of the retail site at Newbury. The center of the shot features the multiple surcharges under construction, this location will become the heart of the commercial development. The upper left corner shows the new 84 Lumber site, which will begin vertical construction in a few weeks. The site continues outside of this shot along the bottom left corner, however construction has yet to be started in that area.

Here is a close-up of the center of the overview photo. Moving down from the top of the shot you can get a view of all three surcharges. The one at nearest to the top was just barely started when this photo was taken; please check one of our more recent updates to see its progress. Moving down the photo are the two completed surcharges. These locations will be the home to a grocer and retailer respectively.

This photo provides a comprehensive look at the new 84 Lumber site. The existing 84 Lumber, located at the intersection of the I-79 off ramp and Route 50, is being moved to this location in order to accommodate the development at Newbury. Construction at this site will begin in the coming weeks.

Our final shot gives a little better look at the entire retail site at Newbury. Hopefully these aerial shots will help you in following along with future construction updates. Please be sure to check back for an aerial update of the residential portion of Newbury.

All photos can be viewed in a larger size in the gallery below.

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