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Bulldozers and Breakfast


On Saturday, August 1st, we held an event at the Newbury development site called “Bulldozers and Breakfast:  An Event for Kids and the Young at Heart.”  Bulldozers and Breakfast was planned as a low budget, informal event for those directly involved in the Newbury project.

At the event, children, and even some parents, were able to ride around in four different pieces of construction equipment at the residential site at Newbury.  The equipment included:  a Roller, a D8 Bulldozer, an Excavator and a Triaxle truck.  Doughnuts, cereal bars, coffee and apple juice was served.  Below is a gallery of photos and videos from the event, if you would like a higher quality digital copy of any of the photos, please email me at [email protected].

Thanks to all of those who came out and supported the event and to those who operated the machinery safely.  We had a great time!