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Construction Update

Here we are with another construction update. This one will focus on building pads at the retail site to utility work up the residential site drive to some of the  same ongoing earthwork on the residential site from the previous construction update!

So we will be showing progress all the way up the hill.

These below are the site maps that number the points where the pictures were taken.

This top one is the residential hill.

This site map above is of the retail site at the bottom of the residential hill.

(All photos below will be numbered as to where they were taken on the site maps above.)

These first two panoramas will show building pads on the retail site.The first panorama shows one building pad that has been built up to the height of the finished floor for the building that will be built here in the months ahead.  In the next few weeks, Trumbull will place an additional 18 feet of soil on top of this building pad (called a surcharge).  This surcharge will have about the same weight of the building that will be built at this location, and will compact the existing ground to prepare it to support the building. The is only temporary, and once the existing ground has been compacted, then that soil from the surcharge will be used for grading at the parking lot areas around the building.

Panorama 1

Point #1 (Site Map Above)

Panorama 2 shows the whole retail site with the new 84 Lumber site in the distance to the far left.

Panorama 2

Point # 2 (Site Map Above)

The photo below shows the entrance to the residential site drive.

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 040

Point #3 (Site Map Above)

This photo shows and excavator and bulldozer finishing the topsoil on the slope adjacent to the residential site drive.Fall_Festival_11-8-09 042

Point #4 (Site Map Above)

The next panorama shows the same slope and the storm inlets that are located at the left and right edge of the residential site drive. Behind the pick-up truck, you can see the path of the site drive down the hill.Fall_Festival_11-8-09 044

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 045

Point #4 (Site Map Above)

This photo shows the bottom and entrance of the residential drive, where the road turns up the hillside. Notice the two storm inlets on either side of the road, which show how wide it will be when finished.

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 046

Point #5 (Site Map Above)

Point #6 (Site Map Above)

The second shows another angle of the same inlet, and in the distance the crew is preparing to lay more pipe. Also, a little ahead of them is the sanitary sewer crew, which means the storm crew is catching up!Fall_Festival_11-8-09 049 (2)

Point #6 (Site Map Above)

These next two photos show a more close up view of the crew laying the storm water pipe up the residential drive.

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 050 (2)

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 051 (2)

Point #7 (Site Map Above)

Now this next photo of the sanitary sewer line crew is taken up the hill a little ways.Fall_Festival_11-8-09 052

Point #8 (Site Map Above)

Here, they’re working on the installation of the sanitary sewer line.

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 053 (2)

Point #8 (Site Map Above)

In this next photo, you can see why the storm water crew is catching up, because the sanitary crew working hard to excavate the stone to dig the trench for the sanitary sewer line.Fall_Festival_11-8-09 054 (2)

Point #8 (Site Map Above)

In the panorama below they are, to the left, stock piling top soil. Then towards the center of the photo, off-road dump trucks continue with fill at the residential site earthwork operation.  The right side of the photo shows the residential site drive beginning to head down the hill.

Panorama 4

Point #9 (Site Map Above)

This next panorama is showing the stripping of topsoil to prepare this portion of the site for additional earthwork.  The ground below the topsoil will be excavated in the coming weeks, and the topsoil is preserved so that it can be spread out over the ground surface after the excavation is completed.

Panorama 5

Point #10 A (Site Map Above)

The next panorama is showing the location for the 84 Lumber earthwork operations . On this day, th earthwork operation with the onroad dump trucks is not working  so that the two utility crews on the residential drive can get more work done without trucks hauling soil down the hill.

Panorama 6

Point #10 B (Site Map Above)

These last three panoramas are showing different angles of the full residential area.

Panorama 7

Point #11

Panorama 9

Point #12

Panorama 8

Point #13

Below you can view the pictures larger in the gallery.