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Construction Update April 30, 2010

With paving just days away, the site has been prepared through final grade touch-ups and sub-base placement. In addition to the paving prep work, installation of both underdrain and water line has continued, along with some site work in creating low-side lots. Also, the construction of a retaining wall at the new 84 Lumber site has gotten under way. This update will give you a look at all of these projects as well as provide some more detail on what each operation entails.

Please consult the site maps below as a reference to photo location and direction.

(Newbury Market)


(Point 1, Newbury)

This construction update begins with a view of the site road and retention pond on the residential portion of the site. Half of the site road, running along the right side of the photo, is covered in subbase and ready to be paved.

(Point 1, Newbury)

Here is a better shot of the subbase, which is placed on top of the subgrade. The material in the foreground is called type 1 subbase, and contains similarly sized rocks. Further up the drive, the road has reached the next step in the process and been covered in type 2 subbase. Type 2 subbase contains smaller rocks and is a finer material overall. The site drive still must be layered with binder course and wearing course to complete the paving process.

(Point 1, Newbury)

On the other side of the site road is the area that was backfilled following the placement of the water line. The installation of this line will be featured in some of the upcoming photos.

(Point 2, Newbury)

This shot provides a look at more of the site drive as it enters the housing area of the development. This panorama also gives a look at a few different projects going on at the site.

(Point 3, Newbury)

The previous panorama as well as the photos above, show the water line installation crew breaking rock and excavating the material. This portion of the site is difficult to get through due to the rocks, but following this area, the crew should breeze through the rest of Phase 1.

(Point 3, Newbury)

This photo was taken at an intersection point of the water line. The pipe running from right to left is parallel with the road and will continue along the site drive. The line running from top to bottom is called a crossing as it is crossing under the road. The red structures on top of the pipes are valves that can be used to turn off the flow of water should any issues arise.

(Point 3, Newbury)

Along with the water line, the installation of underdrain continues through Newbury. This network of drains will ensure that rain water is transported to the appropriate areas.

(Point 4, Newbury)

These two photos show an operator and laborer working to finish an underdrain crossing. At certain points, the network of drains must cross the street and this process must be completed quickly to keep from interfering with other work at the site. The crew member in red is using a compactor to solidify the road and make it safe for travel.

(Point 4, Newbury)

Here is an example of what the finished product from the work above will look like.

(Point 5, Newbury)

Here are a few shots of the earthwork crew working on the backyards of the lots located between the two cul-de-sacs. They are working toward final grade, which is just about level with the manhole located in the center of the last shot.

(Point 5, Newbury)

These lots were built to accommodate walk out basements, as discussed in previous updates. Here is another photo of the slope that makes this type of home possible.

(Point 5, Newbury)

(Point 6, Newbury)

In these photos, you find the source of the fill used for those low-side lots and see an excavator that loading dump trucks. This process is not only supplying fill, but is creating more low side lots on the near side of the second cul-de-sac.

(Point 7, Newbury)

Here is a street view of the second cul-de-sac, and it is obvious that Newbury has come a long way. The development is starting to look like a community as it’s very easy to picture the paved road in this shot.

(Point 8, Newbury)

This shot provides a look at the lots located along the back of the development. The right side of this area will feature Park and Manor homes, while the left will be home to Cottage and Carriage designs.

(Point 9, Newbury)

This excess material will be used in the construction of Phase 2. Materials included in these photos are manhole structures and extensions as well as a great deal of underdrain.

(Point 10, Newbury)

This series of photos shows the team that tests the sanitary sewer line. The crew inspects the pipe to see if it is properly sealed and void of obstructions. This is accomplished by inserted a parachute type object in the line and using an air compressor to blow into it.

(Point 11, Newbury)

(Point 12, Newbury)

Now let’s head back down the road to the intersection with Presto Sygan Road. In these shots, you can get another view of the site drive and a better look at the type 2 subbase. Type 2 subbase is much finer than the type 1 shown in the first photo of this update.

(Point 1, Newbury Market)

(Point 2, Newbury Market)

(Point 3, Newbury Market)

The retaining wall at the new 84 Lumber site is necessary in order to prevent the collapse of the slope under Presto Sygan Road. These concrete blocks interlock by way of the round structures on their tops, giving the wall added strength.

(Point 4, Newbury Market)

This update closes with a few looks at Newbury Market from the new 84 Lumber site. Noticeable are two of the surcharges that have been heavily featured in previous updates, these structures will most likely be a focus again in the future. Our next update will feature the paving of the site road, so be sure to check back soon.

All photos can be viewed in a larger size in the gallery below.