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Construction Update December 14, 2009

This update will feature two key points of focus, those being the increasing retail site surcharge and the installation of road underdrains. We’ll also provide a few new shots of the upper portion of the residential site and detail its progress as it closes in on final grade.

Below are the site maps that show where the photos were taken. The locations are numbered and have arrows indicating the direction of view for each photo.

Conditional Use Base Plan.dgn

12-14 Retail Site Plan

(Point 1, Retail Site)

panorama 18-20

We’ll once again begin this construction update at the low part of the site in the retail portion, before making our way up the site drive into the residential side. This panorama is a shot of the surcharge for the grocer location, which has been a focal point of a number of previous updates. In reviewing past updates, you can clearly see the change in height over the past few weeks.

(Point 2, Retail Site)

Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 027

Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 028

panorama 24-26

This series of photos was taken from on top of the surcharge in order to provide a view of the dump trucks moving dirt as well as give an overview of the rest of the retail site.

(Point 3, Retail Site)

panorama 32-34

(Point 4, Retail Site)

Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 036

In addition to the dump trucks, rollers are constantly packing the dirt in order to make the surcharge more solid and stable. In these photos you can see the packed dirt on top of the surcharge as well as a few rollers solidifying the dirt ramp that the dump trucks use to reach the top.

(Point 5, Retail Site)

panorama 21-23

This photo provides a good overview of the entire retail site, an area that will soon be the home to numerous top-flight retailers.

(Point 6, Residential Site)

Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 001

As we move into the residential portion of the site, a storm drainage crew is carefully laying pipe for an underground stormwater retention facility. A few feet of stone will cover this area to allow for excess stormwater to slowly soak into the ground.

(Point 7, Residential Site)

Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 002

In this shot, you can see the excavators in the distance placing the previously mentioned drainage pipe. In the foreground is the outlet for the storm drainage. Water emanating from this location will hit the rocks in order to slow down the flow, before proceeding as run-off.

(Point 6, Residential Site)

Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 003

Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 004

Now, back to the work from the first photo, the pipe will be surrounded with stone bedding to protect it as well as filter fabric (the black cloth on either side of the trench) in order to control the transport of silt.

(Point 8, Residential Site)

Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 007

Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 005

Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 006

The first two photos of this group show a storm inlet and accompanying underdrain which extends along the large cut slope on the site drive. The third photo shows that same length of pipe covered with bedding.

(Point 9, Residential Site)

Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 008

This shot was taken just next to the previously mentioned slope and it gives some perspective of the site drive as you can see the graded road bear left and then wind back to the right in the distance. Continuing along this path leads you to the entrance at Presto Sygan Road, as seen in the far right corner.

(Point 10, Residential Site)

panorama 15-17

This panorama shows the site drive as it rounds the corner just before the first cul-de-sac, which can be seen at the center of the frame. Continuing around the bend, moving right to left, you can see an excavator placing fill overa  storm drainage pipe. Further left, notice the earthwork continuing in the distance at this location.

(Point 11, Residential Site)Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 009

Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 010

These photos are close-ups of the excavator from the left side of the last shot as it maneuvers around a storm inlet, placing fill to cover and protect the pipe.

(Point 12, Residential Site)

Construction Photos Dec 7 2009 014

Here is a good close-up of the first cul-de-sac, which has been featured a great deal in this post. Notice the same excavator, on the right, continuing work on the storm drainage as well as another excavator working with a dump truck in completing the earthwork featured previously in the far distance at Point 10.

(Point 12, Residential Site)

panorama 11-13

To close this update, here is a panoramic photo that displays almost the entire residential development at the top of the hill. The first cul-de-sac, featured in the close-up from the last photo is at the center, while the second cul-de-sac can be seen at left. On the right of this shot is an area that will be used a few years down the road in future phases of development.

All photos can be viewed in a larger size in the gallery below.