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Construction Update December 19, 2011

This construction update is a quick update on the homes construction on Phase 2 of Newbury. Four homes are currently at different stages of construction with another few ready to begin soon. This phase features Manor and Park homes with spectacular views of the entire region. Please feel free to come a drive down the street yourself, for an even better view of what this phase has to offer. For further information about these lots or any other lots in Newbury, please contact Kelly Smith at (412) 680-5200 or [email protected].

Please click on the photos below for a larger view.

Here is a wide look at the entrance of Phase 2.

Here is a Manor home example being constructed on Lot 99. These lots are large enough to accommodate all of the large Newbury home designs.

These two shots show a cable line being placed and installed.

Here is a Park home that recently had its foundation poured, the crew members are now framing the house using the wood shown in the foreground.

This photo provides a perspective view from the start of the cul-de-sac circle. These two homes are both Park designs.

The last two photos of this post provide a closer look at the two Park designs described above. Make sure to continue to check progress as construction is moving at an extraordinary pace.

All photos can be viewed in a larger size in the gallery below.

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