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Construction Update December 3rd 2009

In this update, we will track the progress of the Sanitary Sewer crew, as they have almost reached the top of residential hill. Also, we will show the progress of the earthwork operation on the residential site as well as the building pads and surcharge at the retail section of the site.

Below are the usual site maps with numbers indicating where the pictures were taken during this site visit. The arrows and lines point in the direction the photos were taken.

Here you can see a truck moving back up the hill to receive another load of soil, while a compactor is going over the stone in the sanitary sewer pipe trench. This section of the sanitary sewer pipe has been completed, and the stone is being used to back fill the trench up to the elevation of the road surface.  Also, if you notice toward the bottom of the frame there is strip of “warning” tape placed in the stone.  This tape is located above the installed pipe, and marks where the pipe is in case the trench needs to be excavated at some time in the future.

Point #2 (Site Map Above)

This is a completed sanitary sewer manhole structure. You can also see the off-road trucks hauling soil down the hill to the retail site and coming back up for additional loads of soil.

Point #1 (Site Map Above)

The following picture shows the extent of the sanitary sewer line installation to date.  In the background of this photo, you can see the flat area at the top of the hill where the homes will be constructed.  The sanitary crew has installed their pipe all the way to the top of the hill!

When this photo was taken, the crew had finished work for the day. At the base of the ladder you can see a  digging bar, which the sanitary crew has used to mark the end of the installed sanitary sewer pipe at the end of the day.

Point #3 (Site Map Above)

These next three photos are showing in sequence an excavator filling up a dump truck with soil.  The trucks are then hauling the soil down the residential site drive and across Presto Sygan Road to the retail portion of the site.

Point #4 (Site Map Above)

The following panorama shows the trucks dumping the soil at a building pad location at the retail portion of the site.  The soil is then spread out and compacted to construct the building pad and surcharge.

Point #5 (Site Map Above)

The following three panoramas show the progress of the earthwork operation of the top of the hill.  The land is beginning to take the final shape necessary for the initial phase of home construction at Newbury!  In the first panorama, the earthwork is complete on the left-hand side of the photograph.  The stakes and dirt mounds mark the center of the road, and the flat area around these stakes is at the final grade for the road and home lots.  The excavation continues in the center and right side of the photo, with approximately 10’ of soil yet to be excavated in order to reach the final grade at this portion of the site.

The second panorama shows a closer view of the area where the excavation is continuing.

The third panorama shows the progress of the residential earthwork operation described in prior construction updates.  In the center of this photograph, near the back portion of the site, a ridge of compacted soil has been built up – this is the location of the main roadway through this portion of the site.  The low area in front of this roadway still needs to be filled with additional soil.

Point #6 (Site Map Above)Point #7 (Site Map Above)

Point #8 (Site Map Above)

This last panorama shows the completed grading at the home sites along the perimeter of the residential site

Point #8 (Site Map Above)

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