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Construction Update December 7th 2009

This construction update will focus on the work of the sanitary sewer and storm drainage crews as they continue to quickly progress up the site drive and through the residential portion of the site. Finally, we’ll feature a few shots of the completed earthwork at the portion of the project that is closest to beginning vertical construction, the new 84 Lumber site.

Below are the site maps that show where the photos were taken and in what direction.  The photo locations are numbered and have arrows indicating the direction of view for each photo.

(Residential Site Map)

(Retail Site Map)

(Point 1, Retail Site)

We’ll start with the work continuing at the surcharge location on the retail portion of the site. The substantial progress can be attributed to double shifts, as crews have been working around the clock over the past few weeks.

(Point 2, Residential Site)

Now moving into the residential portion of the site, a third crew has been finishing up the sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems at the entrance of the site drive in preparation for paving.

Also, check out the sanitary sewer crew taking a time out from laying some sewer line. Their work would later be backfilled with stone as seen in the first photo.

(Point 2, Residential Site)

The crew is working toward meeting up with the first manhole, located just behind the excavator in the last shot, which was put in place a few weeks back in order to reach the basin just to the left of the entrance.

(Point 3, Residential Site)

These photos show the large cut slope that extends along the site drive was seeded and the site drive itself has hit final rough grade in hopes that paving can be completed before the weather turns.

Also, notice the off-road dump truck hauling soil to be added to the surcharge mentioned previously.

(Point 4, Residential Site)

Here are a number of shots of the storm drainage crew and operators working to install more drainage pipe.

(Point 4, Residential Site)

Also, check out the dump truck unloading stone that the crew will make sure is properly placed around the pipe. At this location, they have nearly reached the top of the hill and can be seen in the distance on the right side of the photo below.

(Point 5, Residential Site)

Further up the site drive, at the intersection of the first cul-de-sac, on the left an earthwork crew continues with excavation as part of the grading operation. Moving to center of the panorama, while looking into the first cul-de-sac, you can see the earthwork that has already been completed. Also, you can see the previously mentioned storm drainage crew on the right as they continue working up the hill.

(Point 5, Residential Site)

Here are a few close-ups of the work being completed on the left side of the previous photo.

(Point 6, Residential Site)

These shots feature a loader performing its job in unloading a few thousand pounds in manhole structures.

(Point 6, Residential Site)

(Point 7, Residential Site)

(Point 8, Residential Site)

In continuing up the site drive, these shots feature a number of manhole structures completed with backfill at points 6, 7 and 8 on the residential site map.

(Point 9, Residential Site)

The photos above show an excavator digging out the trench for the aforementioned sanitary sewer crew, which continues to make progress through the residential portion of the site.

(Point 10, Residential Site)

The valley, as seen at points 6, 7 and 8 of the previous post (“Construction Update Dec. 3rd, 2009”), has been a point of considerable progress and will continue show great changes until it reaches final grade. This shot features the entire operation involving the dump truck, bulldozer and roller.

(Point 11, Residential Site)

Here is another view of the valley and it shows what height the grade must reach.

(Point 12, Residential Site)

On this day, there was no excavation work was underway, but here is a photo of the northwest portion of the residential site.

(Point 13, Residential Site)

Opposite of the valley is the entrance to the second cul-de-sac, you can see the earthwork and fill being completed.

(Point 13, Residential Site)

In the second photo at this location, while moving down the eastern side of the site, you can see the change in elevation.

(beyond Southeast corner of the Residential Site Map)

Back at the bottom of the hill, along Presto Sygan Road, the new 84 Lumber site is almost ready for construction to begin. Near the entrance on the left of the first photo, you can see that some grading and utilities work is being performed, but the second photo shows the site a final elevation.

All photos can be viewed in a larger size in the gallery below.

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