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Construction Update June 22, 2010

This construction update will focus mainly on the installation of utilities throughout Newbury. The process has moved very quickly over the past few weeks and crews have even begun backfilling much of the trenches in preparation for home construction, set to being in July.

Please consult the site map below as a reference to photo location and direction.


(Point 1, Newbury)

This update begins will a look at the gas line trench, which is currently still being cleared. On the other side of the site road is another trench, home to the water, cable and electrical lines.

(Point 1, Newbury)

This area of the site features a good bit of stone, with which the trench crews must contend. The problem is dealt with through the use of a hammer attachment on a small excavator.

(Point 2, Newbury)

Here is a view of the site road as this update progresses further into the first phase of the development.

(Point 2, Newbury)

The green structures in these photos are known as a junction box and pedestal, respectively. The electrical lines run into these containers for protection and operational purposes. Each J-box will provide at least two homes with power, while the pedestals will keep the street lights on.

(Point 2, Newbury)

Here are a couple shots of the cable (orange) and electrical lines (gray pvc pipe) as they extend along the site road. These shots were taken directly across the street from the first photos of this update.

(Point 3, Newbury)

These two shots provides a closer look at the different utility lines in one of the trenches. Pay particular attention to the curved, gray pvc pipe in the second photo. This shape will allow the electrical line to feed in the green “pedestal,” also located in the shot, and provide a few street lights with electricity.

Here is a shot of the trench detailed above as it extends along the front of the lots on the right side of the site road.

(Point 4, Newbury)

(Point 5, Newbury)

As we continue up the site road and into the second cul-de-sac, here are a few looks at a few lots that border a wooded area. For a better look at these lots, take a ride up for yourself or stop into the sales office located just off of Presto Sygan Road.

(Point 6, Newbury)

The utility trenches extend around the cul-de-sac as well and this group of photos shows the curved pieces of pvc pipe that are vital to this installation.

(Point 7, Newbury)

(Point 8, Newbury)

On this day, a crew was covering the electrical line with fill. A loader was used to place the fill and a compactor packed the dirt to protect the electrical line. In the third photo of this group, notice the pvc pipe sticking out of the ground. This is done to allow the line to run into pedestals as well as junction boxes, which will supply electricity to street lights and individual homes.

(Point 9, Newbury)

Here is a wide view of the second cul-de-sac. Only two lots are still available on this circle, so if interested please contact the Newbury Sales Team.

(Point 10, Newbury)

Once covered, red caution tape will be placed over the line as a warning to anyone digging in the area.

(Point 11, Newbury)

These two photos show opposing views of the lots along the Northern side of the residential development. These lots in particular provide some of the best views at Newbury.

(Point 12, Newbury)

(Point 13, Newbury)

(Point 14, Newbury)

This group of photos details the roads and alleys that will be vital to the middle area on top of the hill. A variety of home types will be located in this area and yard size will be greatly improved as the alleys will make full, front yard driveways unnecessary.

(Point 15, Newbury)

Here is a look at the cable and electrical lines extending up the site drive hill, near the front of the development.

(Point 16, Newbury)

(Point 17, Newbury)

For safety purposes, the gas line for Newbury must be placed in a separate trench from the other utilities. Work on this project is taking place just across the street from the last group of photos.

(Point 18, Newbury)

The bulldozer featured in the photos above is performing some site work in an area with a very steep existing grade. The tracks on this machine allow it gain traction in difficult areas.

(Point 19, Newbury)

This update comes to a close with a look at the site drive from Presto Sygan Road. Our sales office can be seen on the right side of this photo and is currently open daily as well as on the weekends, for more information please call (412) 325-1526 or e-mail [email protected].

Make sure to check back soon for another update on the progress at Newbury.

All photos can be viewed in a larger size in the gallery below.