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Construction Update March 4, 2011

As part of the Newbury project, the current 84 Lumber store located along Rt. 50 would need to re-locate in order to accommodate the future entrance to Newbury Market. The store is being constructed along Presto Sygan Road near the intersection with Millers Run Road. This new facility will be one of the premiere locations for the building materials giant, and this is fitting as the company’s world headquarters is located just about 15 miles away in Eighty Four, Pa. The new 84 Lumber store will open in the next few months and here are some updated photos of the progress.

Here is the new main showroom and office building for the facility, located just off of Presto Sygan Road which is on the right side of this shot.

Below the showroom is the main storage building located on the left of this photo. Also, two large storage sheds will be constructed on the far end of the site.

This shot features the steel that will be used to build the aforementioned storage sheds. As you can the see, the pilings that will support the buildings have already been set.

Finally, here are two views of the main storage building. This structure will offer enclosed as well as open cover for the variety of products that 84 Lumber has to offer.

All photos can be viewed in a larger size in the gallery below.

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