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Construction Update May 12, 2010

This update will feature the final process involved in the paving operation. The wearing course is the top layer of asphalt that will provide the smoothest ride possible. The site road pavement currently extends all the way to the top of the hill and about half way between the two cul-de-sacs as illustrated on the map below. This update will also show some underdrain work as it is placed around the second cul-de-sac and covered with bedding.

Please consult the site map below as a reference to photo location and direction.


(Point 1, Newbury)

(Point 2, Newbury)

We’ll start this update mid-way through the paving operation that took place this past Wednesday. Here are a few shots of the wearing course in contrast to the binder course. It is pretty easy to see that the wearing course will provide a much smoother ride.

(Point 3, Newbury)

Here are a couple more photos of the site road, half completed with wearing course, as it winds down the hill.

(Point 3, Newbury)

(Point 4, Newbury)

(Point 5, Newbury)

Continuing the wearing course tour down the site road, we provide four more views of the half completed product. Later, we’ll continue this tour and make our way down to Presto Sygan Road to give you a look at the finished product. In the last shot of this group notice the paver on the site road as it waits for another load of asphalt.

(Point 6, Newbury)

Here are a few photos of the paver being loaded with water before starting work again.

(Point 6, Newbury)

These photos show the crew back at work as they maneuver around a turn and into the housing area of Newbury. Just as described in the binder course update, the paver and dumptruck work in tandem as asphalt is fed to the equipment and placed.

(Point 6, Newbury)

In these two shots, focus on the edge of the road because it differs from what you have seen with the binder course. The wearing course is laid with a wedge curb that will help in the flow of storm water to inlets.

(Point 7, Newbury)

The last piece to this process is the roller, which follows the paver and compacts the pavement as it cools. Heat is the main difference between asphalt and concrete, notice the steam just under the roller. Asphalt sets through cooling, while concrete sets through drying.

(Point 8, Newbury)

Let’s step back from the paving and offer a few shots of the underdrain operation before ending this update. This view shows underdrain as it extends around the second cul-de-sac. Also, notice that some bedding has also been placed on the pipe at the bottom of this photo.

(Point 9, Newbury)

Here are few more views of the underdrain and accompanying trench as well as some action shots of bedding being placed by a loader. The bedding is used as a means of protection for the pipe. The last photo shows a small excavator as it continues to dig out trenches for the underdrain.

(Point 10, Newbury)

Now let’s get back to the paving and continue the tour that was started at the beginning of this update. These shots show the completed road, with some distant views of the paver and some smaller rollers.

(Point 11, Newbury)

Here are a couple closer shots of the small rollers as they put the finishing touches on the road. Pay particular attention to the first photo of this group as the operator works along the edge of the wedge curb. The curb itself is compacted by a crew member using a hand roller, so that the shape is not compromised under the weight of heavier machinery.

(Point 11, Newbury)

(Point 12, Newbury)

(Point 13, Newbury)

These photos show the rest of the completed site road as it heads around the cut slope and toward Presto Sygan Road. This road will eventually be expanded in this area to four lanes.

(Point 14, Newbury)

This update closes with a shot of the intersection at Presto Sygan Road. This view also shows our new sales trailer and a dumptruck heading out for another load of asphalt. In the future, you’ll see more of the paving process as it continues through the firs phase of the development.

All photos can be viewed in a larger size in the gallery below.