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Construction Update October 20, 2010

Two more houses have been started since our last construction update and substantial progress has been made on those previously shown. The streetscape of Newbury is beginning to take shape and as it does, the feeling of the community grows. This update will once again concentrate on the status of the homes currently under construction on top of the hill at Newbury. Progress is being made on a daily basis, so please feel free to take a drive through the development at any time or stop into our sales center for more information.

Please consult the site maps below as a reference to photo location and direction.


(Point 1, Newbury)

This update once again starts with the progress on Lot 44. This park home was one of the first homes started at Newbury and as you can see, much of the exterior has been completed. Also, notice the brick going around the porch and side of the home. This will provide a nice complement to their choice in James Hardy siding.

(Point 1, Newbury)

These two shots provide a look at the size of the backyard and show a home that will feature a walk out basement. The slope on the side of the home will be leveled some before completion.

(Point 1, Newbury)

They have also begun work next door to the previous home at Lot 51. In this shot, you can see a backhoe digging out the footprint of the home in preparation for the foundation. In the background you can see the cement blocks that will provide support to the foundation.

(Point 2, Newbury)

Now, we’ll move down the street and into the cul-de-sac to take a look at the Manor home being constructed on Lot 18. This was the first home started at Newbury and provides a good view of some James Hardy siding already installed.

(Point 3, Newbury)

This home provides a look at a side entry garage, this option is available on two of the remaining lots in Phase 1.

(Point 3, Newbury)

As opposed to the home on Lot 44, the home on Lot 18 will be using cultured stone to offset their siding. As you can see in the photo, the materials have made their way to the site and are ready to be installed.

(Point 4, Newbury)

As we take a look down the cul-de-sac street, which is tentatively named Marbleseed Lane, we’ll stop twice for two small pieces of information. First, as shown in the second photo of this series, we take a look at the view offered by Lot 12. Lot 12 is the only home site remaining in the cul-de-sac and offers the largest lot still available.

The last photo of this group shows some of the stone that has been collected throughout the excavation process. These stones will help in terms of aesthetics as well as safety when they are placed along the hill on the site drive.

(Point 5, Newbury)

Here is a look at the foundation of the home on Lot 15. This series of shots also shows some fill being placed around a sanitary line and the cross beams that will provide support for the first floor.

(Point 4, Newbury)

Here is a perfect view of the streetscape that will soon be the hallmark of living at Newbury.

This shot provides a look at the walk out basements and rear entry garages along the area shown in the streetscape photo. The homes shown are mostly Park homes with a Manor and a Cottage sprinkled into the mix.

(Point 4, Newbury)

Here is a look at the Manor home shown in the previous cluster of houses. In a few more weeks, Lot 11 will be the place to go for a look at the Manor model home at Newbury.

(Point 4, Newbury)

These photos show Lot 10 with a Park 4 Colonial design being constructed. You can take a look at the variety of products being offered at Newbury by clicking here. This home is in process of finishing the roof.

(Point 4, Newbury)

Here is a closer look at some of the roofing process on Lot 10. The crewmember on the left is securing plywood as decking for the roof, while the crew member on the right is rolling out and nailing down some underlayment. Underlayment acts as a second layer of protection for the decking and will be covered by the shingles.

(Point 6, Newbury)

This Park home on Lot 9 is beginning construction of the second floor. The second photo shows plywood being placed over cross beams as a start to this process.

(Point 7, Newbury)

This Park home on Lot 7 shows the completed underlayment process on the roof. You can see the packages of shingles on the roof already set for installation. The third photo of this group shows a large window option that will provide a great deal of light into the living room of this home.

(Point 8, Newbury)

Next we’ll take a look at a Park 1 Traditional home on Lot 6. In the second photo a crew member is securing the home wrap, which is a protective layer that provides protection against water, moisture and air infiltration. This layer is placed under the home’s siding and over the sheathing.

(Point 8, Newbury)

Here are some shots of the same home, but with a look at the rear entry garage.

(Point 17, Newbury)

To close this update, we take a look at the home closest to completion, the Cottage model home on Lot 38. As you can see the garage doors and utilities are all in working order with the only exterior work left being the cornices and porch. By our next update you may get a look at a finished exterior product.

Our next update will once again focus on the progress of home construction, but feel free to stop at the site to take a look for yourself.

All photos can be viewed in a larger size in the gallery below.