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Construction Update October 20th 2009

This construction update for Newbury will show the real progress being made at the 84 Lumber site as well as the utility systems along the residential site drive!

Conditional Use Base Plan.dgn

Here is the site map showing generally where the first half of the pictures were taken at the residential drive.

(The pictures will be numbered so that you will be able to get a better idea.)

This first panorama shows the initial work underway on the stormwater system along the residential site drive.  The left side of this photograph shows the stormwater retention basin (with temporary construction fencing installed along the top of the slope around the basin).  The photograph also shows the concrete endwall structure, which has just recently been installed.  Stormwater will flow from the underground piping system through this endwall structure and then into the basin.  The basin will then hold the water, allow some water to percolate into the ground to re-charge the groundwater supply, and slowly release the remaining water to an adjacent stream.  In the right side of this photograph, you can see an excavator digging a trench for the stormwater piping system that will extend up the hillside along the residential site drive.  The workmen are currently preparing a section of pipe to be installed in this trench.

During the weeks ahead, this utility crew will continue to install stormwater piping, manholes and inlets extending from this basin location up to the residential development at the top of the hill.

Panorama 1Photo #1 (Site Map Above)

This photo below shows the stormwater manhole structure where the new section of stormwater pipe mentioned above will be installed.  A manhole structure is used wherever the piping system turns a corner or changes direction, and will provide access to the stormwater piping system for maintenance, cleaning and repair if necessary in the future.

Storm water manhole

Photo #1 A (Site Map Above)

Further up the hill, a separate utility crew continues to install additional sanitary sewer piping and manholes.  Because the sanitary system is typically deeper in the ground than the stormwater system, the sanitary system is installed first.  Therefore, the sanitary utility crew is working their way up the residential site drive, and the stormwater sanitary crew is chasing them up the hill.  It’s a race to the top of the hill!  This next photo shows a length of installed sanitary sewer piping connecting into a manhole structure, where the pipe will change direction in a curve along the residential site drive.

Photo 005

Photo #2 (Site Map Above)

This following photograph shows the same section of the sanitary system, with stone backfill (called pipe bedding) installed around the pipe.  The pipe bedding protects the pipe and creates a stable surface to hold the pipe in place. In the top portion of this photograph, two workmen and the excavator are preparing to install the next manhole structure at the upper end of this section of pipe.

Photo 006

Photo #2 A (Site Map Above)

Here the workers are preparing the gravel base for the next manhole along the sanitary sewer pipe.

Photo 007

Photo #3 (Site Map Above)

Next, the excavator is digging the hole for the same  manhole.

Photo 008

Photo #3 A (Site Map Above)

The next series of photographs show the progress of site construction at the 84 Lumber site.  The first photo shows a storm water inlet structure, where stormwater will flow into the storm water system from the paved driveway and parking area.  The pipe on the left side of the inlet box is concrete because it goes under a railroad spur that will be built in the months ahead.  The concrete pipe provides extra strength to handle the weight of the railroad that will pass over this location.

Conditional Use Base Plan.dgnHere is the  84 Lumber site map, so that you’ll be able to gather perspective of where the photos where taken.

Photo 009

Photo #4 (Site Map Above)

The photo below shows the same stormwater inlet in the bottom of the photograph, with the inlet ring installed on the top of the structure and the inlet cover ready to be installed.  The second inlet structure higher in the photograph is located on the other side of the rail spur that will be constructed at the site.  The rail spur will connect the 84 Lumber site to the active railroad line shown in this photo.

Photo 011

Photo #4 A (Site Map Above)

This next photo shows the  stormwater structures throughout the 84 Lumber site. Notice that the fill is  now within a few feet of the top of these stormwater structures and the railroad in the distance. Soon this whole area is going to be  raised to the final grade and ready for the construction of the new buildings, roads and parking areas for the new 84 Lumber store.

Photo 012

Photo #5 (Site Map Above)

Lastly here is a panorama that shows an overall view of the progress in the 84 Lumber site.

Panorama 2 - includes 13 14 15 16

Photo #6 (Site Map Above)

All previous photos can be viewed in a larger size in the gallery below.