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Construction Update October 8, 2010

Home construction has really been moving on top of the hill at Newbury as more than 10 homes are currently under way. Three of the product types are currently represented on site, with Carriage and Courtyard homes set to begin shortly. Please feel free to contact one of our sales representatives for more information or take a ride through the site any time that you are available. This update will focus on the previously discussed construction progress and landscaping work along the site drive.

Please consult the site maps below as a reference to photo location and direction.


(Point 1, Newbury)

This update starts with a look at the construction of a Park 4 home. As you can see, the home is ready for the installation of siding, which will begin in the coming days.

(Point 1, Newbury)

Here is another shot of the home featured above. You can see crew members laying brick around the exterior of the house.

(Point 2, Newbury)

Here are some shots of a custom Manor home located in the northernmost cul-de-sac. This home is a little further along in the construction process as you can see the James Hardy siding already in place on one side of the home.

(Point 3, Newbury)

This photo provides a look at the back side of the homes located along the main site drive. Final grade work will flatten on the slope on the sides of these yards, but this shot provides a good preliminary look at the convenience of a walk-out basement.

(Point 3, Newbury)

From the same location as the previous shot, we provide a look at the center of the development. This area will feature Cottage, Carriage and Courtyard homes, with the final two product types set to begin construction in the next few weeks.

(Point 3, Newbury)

Now, getting back to the homes located along the site drive. This shot in particular provides a good early view of the unrivaled streetscape that Newbury will offer.

(Point 4, Newbury)

Here are some shots of the Manor home located along the site drive. A great deal of progress has been made on this home, as it was at the foundation stage just two weeks ago. The third shot of this group shows the frames that will create the roof of this home.

(Point 5, Newbury)

This series of shots features the Park homes currently under construction along the site road. Within this group of shots, you can see the different stages of construction before exterior work begins.

(Point 6, Newbury)

Across the street from that series of Park homes is the model home for Newbury’s Cottage product. As you can see, brick has already been placed around the foundation of the home and siding work will begin shortly. Two more Cottage homes are set to begin construction this week.

(Point 7, Newbury)

Here is a wide shot of the homes along the site drive. As previously discussed, you can get an early idea of the beautiful streetscape, which comes closer to fruition with each day.

(Point 8, Newbury)

Last Friday was not just a big day in terms of home construction, the community in general hit a new milestone as the landscaping process began on the site drive. The entrance to Newbury now features some small shrubbery and 32 young Celebration Maple trees.

(Point 9, Newbury)

(Point 10, Newbury)

Here are some close-ups of the Celebration Maples as you continue down the site drive to Presto Sygan Road.

(Point 11, Newbury)

This update comes to a close with some photos of the previously mentioned shrubbery that is located closer to Presto Sygan Road. Please stay tuned for our next update and remember that you are welcome to take a drive up the site to take a look for yourself, or you can contact one of Newbury’s sales representatives for a more in depth tour.

All photos can be viewed in a larger size in the gallery below.