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Construction Update

With our site contractor working double shifts (6am to midnight) Monday through Saturday, we continue to make excellent progress at Newbury. The ongoing earthwork operations are happening on the top of the residential hill area and the 84 Lumber site. There is also continued progress on the sanitary sewer line along the residential site drive!

Conditional Use Base Plan.dgn

Here is the site map that shows the location where each photo was taken, as well as the direction of view for each photo. The pictures will be numbered in the rest of this construction update to correspond to this site map.

There are currently two earthwork operations taking place at the site.  The first earthwork operation is constructing the residential site drive and all home lots for the first phase of the residential development.  This “residential earthwork operation” is taking place between point 1 to point 4 in the site map above.  The second earthwork operation is excavating soil from point 5 – 7 on the site map above, and hauling the soil down the residential site drive and along Presto Sygan Road to the 84 Lumber site.   The dotted line on the site map is showing the route of the “84 Lumber earthwork operation”.

The first earthwork operation that we will talk about is the “residential earthwork operation” shown in the following panorama. Starting from the right, the off-road dump trucks are being loaded with soil by the large excavator.  The trucks are then unloading the soil in the flat area on the left side of the photo.  Then the bulldozer is leveling out the loads being brought by the off-road dump trucks. . Notice that you can also see the on-road dump trucks and additional excavator in the distance working on the “84 Lumber earthwork operation”.

*You can also view this larger in the gallery at the bottom of the blog.Panorama B-2Point #2 (Site Map Above)

This panorama shows the off roaddump trucks getting in line to fill up again at the excavator.Panorama I-1Point #1 (Site Map Above)

Below is another photo of an excavator filling an off road dump truck. There are  three  off-road dump trucks working with this excavator because the distance they carry the dirt is relatively short.A, on site mapPoint # 2 (Above Site Map)

This next photo shows one of the trucks dumping another load while the bulldozer will flatten the piles into a layer of soil about a foot thick.  The sheeps-foot roller to the left will then pack the soil down as compacted fill.Fall_Festival_11-8-09 010Point #3 (Site Map Above)

Another panorama shows a different angle of the residential earthwork operation.Panorama C-7Point #4 (Site Map Above)

This next panorama below shows the 84 Lumber earthwork operation where the on-road dump trucks will be taking their loads from the residential site to the 84 Lumber site. Because they have to go a long distance to get to the 84 Lumber site, there are about 16 of these trucksworking with two excavators on this earthwork operation.Panorama D-8Point #5 (Site Map Above)

In the next two panoramas below you can see the residential earthworks in the background, while the on-road dump trucks for the 84 Lumber earthworks are getting new loads of soil from the two the excavators.Panorama E-9Point #7 (Site Map Above)

Panorama F-10Point #6 (Site Map Above)

This next panorama is showing the route for the 84 Lumber earthworks along the residential site drive, as well as the sanitary sewer utility crew continuing their work.  As you can see on the site map, the sanitary sewer crew is now more than halfway up the hill!Panorama G-11Point #8 (Site Map Above)

This panorama below is showing the sanitary sewer crew preparing to set the next manhole for the pipe they just installed.

Panorama H-12Point #9 (Site Map Above)

The photo below shows where the manhole will be placed.Fall_Festival_11-8-09 031 (2)Point #9

Lastly this photo below shows the excavator being hooked to the manhole preparing to lift and place it into it’s prepared space.Fall_Festival_11-8-09 032

Point #9

As a final note, notice that the stormwater crew isn’t anywhere in site behind the sanitary crew!  We’ll see in future updates if they are able to catch up to the sanitary crew.

Below you can view the gallery and get enlarged photos of all the previous pictures.