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Site Construction Update: October 16, 2009

With Pittsburgh’s weather officially making the transition towards Fall, this is our first construction update in some time, and so much progress has been made!  Whether it be on the residential site, the 84 Lumber site, and the other commercial space, hopefully this site update gives you some insight of all that has been done at Newbury since our last update!

In the below panorama, (click to view it up close!) you can see the earthwork that has been done for the building pads and the surcharges that have been built for the commercial site.

Panorama 1

Here’s a few of the action shots, showing the articulated trucks moving dirt for the “surcharge.”  The building pad is at its final grade, four or five feet up, and to compact the existing ground below the building pad where a “surcharge” is built.  At this location, about 12′ of soil is being placed over the building pad, to create the surcharge.  In addition to the 4′ – 5′ of soil required to bring the site up to its final grade.  After the existing ground has settled, the surcharge will be removed, and this soil will be used to grade the parking area.

Scan 008

Scan 009

Another panorama showing the final grade of a building pad.

Panorama 2

This photo shows a piezometer, a sensor that measures pore pressure and groundwater.  It checks the progress of the surcharge, so that engineers can determine when the settlement of the existing ground is complete.

Scan 012

Back at the 84 Lumber site, this panorama shows the engineered soil slope (geo-grid wall) and the grading going up the hill.

Panorama 3

The next few photos show the continued construction of the stormwater system, with piping and manholes that will carry stormwater to the underground retention structure.

Scan 016

Scan 017

Scan 018

Here is the manhole and pipe after it’s installation has been completed:

Scan 036

Notice the five sections of the manhole:

Scan 021

This panorama shows the continued construction of the geo-grid wall:

Panorama 11

More photos showing the detail of the geo-grid wall:

Scan 025

Scan 026

Scan 027

As you can see, big rolls of the fabric material are laid out and then cut a certain length.  They then lay it out against the wire baskets and tie it in, which then reinforces the ground for that full length behind the geo-grid wall.

Scan 028

Scan 029

Want to know how tall the geo-grid wall is?  Each step is a foot and a half.  The wall currently stands are twelve feet!

Scan 031

This panorama shows the progress that has been made over the weeks at the 84 Lumber site:

Panorama 4

Now, we move up the hill to the residential portion of Newbury.

Believe it or not, there is an articulated truck down in that hole!  This panorama shows the excavator is loading dirt into the back of the truck.  The articulated truck is in that hole on a haul road, which is actually at what will be the final elevation of the residential site!

Panorama 5

This panorama shows what the final grade is and a close-up shot of the haul road.

Panorama 6

This panorama shows the fill embankment.  It is in the middle of the first phase of the residential site!

Notice the rock underdrain to allow groundwater to flow down the hill below the fill embankment.  The gray pipe that is visible running along the slope collects any groundwater where the fill embankment ties back into the existing slope, and allows the water to drain to the rock underdrain.

Panorama 7

This panorama shows the residential site from the very top, where some excavation has been completed!

Panorama 8

And finally two overall progress shots looking down the hill at the commercial site.

First the panorama which was taken at the edge of what will be a cul-de-sac.

Panorama 9

And the last panorama, which shows more of the construction equipment in motion!  It’s a pretty steep hill!

Panorama 10

Here is a gallery of all the photos used in this blog entry (click on them to view the larger version).