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Construction Update

With weather starting to show us the first signs of Winter ahead within the last week, a lot of progress is left to be done before the Winter months actually begin!


This is the site map!

(You can view it larger in the gallery at the bottom of this post)

*The numbers placed underneath the pictures represent the numbers on the map, and the arrows represent the direction they were taken.

In the below panorama, moving from left to right, this shows the completed excavation, notice where the excavator is loading soil, in the upper left, the lower portion shows the excavation that has already taken place! The big mounds of dirt, beyond this truck and excavator are the stock piles of topsoil. There are three trucks having the soil from the excavator to fill the embankment is shown in the distance of the panorama. After the trucks upload the soil at the embankment, the bulldozer spreads the soil out into an even layer about 12″ thick. Then the roller compacts the soil in place to complete the fill embankment. All of this work is taking place on the residential portion of the site.

Panorama 1

Picture # 1 A (Site Map Above)

At the same time, there are two additional excavators and eighteen articulated trucks moving soil down to the 84 Lumber site.  View larger photo.

Panorama 2

Picture #2 (Site Map Above)

The photo below shows more soil being loaded and carried down, notice the two excavators loading at the same time.  This panorama is taken from the same location as the first panorama shown in this update.

Panorama 3

Picture #1 B (Site Map Above)

More photos showing the placement of the soil at the fill embankment in the middle of the residential portion of the site. Compare this to photos from the September xx to see the progress that has been made :

Photo 023

Picture #3 (Site Map Above)

Photo 024

Picture #3 (Site Map Above)

Panorama 4

Picture #3 (Site Map Above)

Showing the extent to which the slope has been built:

Photo 028

Picture #4 (Site Map Above)

The next group of photos show the excavation of the first manhole in the residential portion of the site.  They are building a sanitary sewer line along the residential starting at the bottom of the hill near the entrance drive, Presto-Sygan road.

Photo 029

Picture #5 (Site Map Above)

Photo 030

Picture #5 (Site Map Above)

The trench box is used for safety, and allows the workers to excavate to the full depth necessary for the sewer line while supporting the ground adjacent to the trench.

Photo 032

Picture #5 (Site Map Above)

Photo 033

Picture #5 (Site Map Above)

(Here is a gallery of all the photos used in this blog entry (click on them to view the larger version).