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Site Construction Update: July 23, 2009

More action has been taking place at the 84 Lumber site at Newbury.  As we discussed in our last blog post, huge tubes are being put in to manage water.  In the picture below, you can really see the tiny holes in the tubes that will allow stormwater to pass through to the rocks below.

Eric 001

The next few pictures show the excavation of the toe bench, which will be filled with stone and act as a foundation for the fill embankment.  The fill slope will be about 20 inches above the existing ground surface, so that the level “pad” for the new store will line up with the railroad shown in the background of some of these photos.

Eric 003Eric 004Eric 005Eric 006Eric 007

As you can see from the below two photos, the workers have begun filling rocks and gravel between the tubes in order to keep them from moving.  They are already halfway up!

Eric 008Eric 009

The next group of photos will show where the railspur for the new 84 Lumber store will be located.  The bulldozer and trucks on the right carry soil down in 8 to 12 inch lifts and the smooth drum roller on the left compacts the soil as engineered fill.  The roller is very heavy and it vibrates in order to complete this task.

Eric 010

More photos of the railspur development, with trucks carrying and unloading dirt:

Eric 011Eric 012Eric 013Eric 014Eric 015Eric 016