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Site Construction Update: August 14, 2009

We were lucky enough on this particular construction update to have a beautiful day in South Fayette.  The first two photos show the driveway that will lead up to the residential portion of Newbury.  Notice the excavation that has taken place to make the S-shaped driveway.

Scan 001

Scan 002

The next photo is a panorama of a stormwater basin below the residential portion, where the excavation is now about 90% complete.

Panorama  2 - INCLUDES 3,4

The next photo shows the excavation being done on the way down the drive way of the residential portion.  The workers are removing soil as part of the site drive.  They are located about halfway up the hill.

Panorama  2 - INCLUDES 5,6,7

The next photo serves as an update for other recent shots of the stormwater system.  So much progres has been made at the 84 Lumber site so quickly!

Panorama 3 - INCLUDES 9,10

A closer look:Scan 011

And finally, the big panorama view of the progress that has been made on the stormwater system, and the 84 Lumber site.

Panorama 6 - INCLUDES 19,20,21,22

Here is a gallery of all the photos used in this blog entry (click on them to view the larger version).