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Site Construction Update: September 1, 2009

These photos show the progress made since the last site update.  Since receipt of the joint-permit, so much progress has been made at the Newbury site, both along the 84 Lumber portion and the residential portion!

This photo shows where the fill will need to be placed at a location where a wetland existed and therefore no work was completed until the joint permit was approved.  It will have to catch up to the higher dirt to the right of it!

Construction Update 001

This panorama shows the workers completing the compaction of stone on top of the stormwater retention structure.

Panorama 1 - INCLUDES 2, 3, 4

More photos of another wetland area at the 84 Lumber site being filled:

Construction Update 005Construction Update 006Construction Update 007

A panorama showing the stone that has been placed overtop of the stormwater retention structure.

Panorama 2 - INCLUDES 8, 9

Further excavation taking place to complete the stormwater basin at the residential site:

Panorama 1

The followings panoramas show the excavation area part way up the hill to the residential site.  A substantial portion of this existing hillside is being excavated in order to establish the final grade for the residential site drive up the hill.  The upper left side of the first panorama shows the portion of the hill which has already been excavated down to a lower slope.  The middle of this photo shows the “bench” where the excavation work will continue down the hillside, and the right side of the photo shows the haul road to Presto Sygan Road and the 84 Lumber site.  The second panorama is taken from the top of this slope looking down on theis excavation area.

Panorama 2 - includes 13, 14, 15, 16

Panorama 3 - includes 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

This panorama of the 84 Lumber site shows the progress of fill being placed at wetland areas, as well as the last bit of stone being placed over the stormwater retention structure in the below photo.

Panorama 4 - includes 22, 23, 24, 25

Once stone is on top of the underground stormwater structure, fabric gets wrapped around the stones and structure to ensure it doesn’t get filled with soil.

Panorama 5

Here is a gallery of all the photos used in this blog entry (click on them to view the larger version).