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Site Construction Update: September 14, 2009

Since we have been double-shifting at Newbury, huge leaps have been made as far as progression at the site.  In the below panorama, you can see they are starting to place lifts of compacted soil from the residential site onto building pads at the retail site.  Notice the yellow truck, it’s an articulated truck, there are six of those running right now!  They haul fill from the residential site to the building pads, and there are another six running that haul fill from the residential site to the 84 Lumber site.

Panorama 1

Click here for a full-size view.

In the below panorama, notice the blue tarp, the one foot lift of soil will extend out past that.  That explains why we need to have so many articulated trucks moving dirt nearly twenty hours per day!

Panorama 2

Below is our progress shot of 84 Lumber.  Notice on the far left where the pad (reinforced soil slope) stops, that will form a bridge to cross the Chartiers Creek when 84 Lumber is all said and done.  From the right moving to the left, the one-foot lift will continue.  Click here for the high-resolution version.

Panorama 3

Below you will see the reinforced lift.

Construction Update 016

Construction Update 015

Notice the black tarp, it is actually a geo-textile fabric; and the lift is reinforced by an L-shaped metal basket.  This reinforced soil slope with geo-grid tiebacks is sitting on the toe-bench.

Construction Update 017

Stay tuned for another update soon and in addition, a blog post about the history of Brownfield developments in the Pittsburgh region and across the United States!

Here is a gallery of all the photos used in this blog entry (click on them to view the larger version).