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Site Construction Update: September 4, 2009

Since our last update, the stormwater retention structure at the 84 Lumber site has been completed, 100% filled with stone, as seen below.

Panorama 1

In addition, this blog update really shows the progress being made through both earthwork operations, 84 Lumber and the residential site drive is extending up toward the top of the hill.

Wow, what a beautiful day in South Fayette!  Notice the red truck and excavator at the top of the hill, which are digging downwards as we shape the site drive that will head up to the residential site.

Panorama 1

Notice the final grading at the stormwater basin, also 100% completed.

Panorama 2

In the next photo, the stone seen here is actually a “fill key drain.”  They are extending the fill embankment for the residential site drive over where the stream used to be.

Panorama 11 12

The below photo shows the “underdrain.”  It allows ground water to pass through the rocks that have been placed in the existing stream channel below the fill embankment for the residential site drive.

Construction Update 013

The below panorama shows the fill slope for the residential site drive.  The underdrain is also shown, being extended.

Panorama of cu018 and 19

In the next panorama near the top of the hill, the workers are excavating soil from a cut slope at the upper portion of the residential site drive.  The dirt taken from this slope will be put into the fill slope described in the photos above.

Panorama 3

A close-up of the cut slope construction.

Construction Update 024

In the next series of photos, notice the truck coming up the hill in the first, where it will fill up with dirt, and in the below photo, the dirt being placed in the fill slope for the residential site drive.

Construction Update 025Construction Update 026

Take in the view of all that is going on at Newbury!

Panorama 4 NEW

Panorama 5 - 32, 33

And finally, the 84 Lumber photo from the end of the day.  Notice all the progress made since the very first picture in this update!

Panorama 6 - 35, 36, 37, 38

Here is a gallery of all the photos used in this blog entry (click on them to view the larger version).

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