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Fall Festival November 8th 2009

Our Fall Festival at the site was on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. It was an open event for the public to get and a first look at the site and where the homes are to be built!

Two dump trucks, an excavator, a roller and a D6 bulldozer were part of the main attraction where kids and adults alike could get rides from the construction workers who work on the site at Newbury. There was also a catered brunch in a big tent along with the top rated attraction for the children, a 42 foot inflatable train!

Here are some pictures from the event. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them!

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 085

Here was the inflatable train all the children enjoyed!

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 146

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 149

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 155

Side view of the train.

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 181

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 134

Generators for the caterer with the tent in the distance.

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 101

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 098

Boys admiring the D6 bulldozer.

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 103

Lines forming for rides on the excavator and bulldozer.

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 176

One of the big off road dumptrucks.

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 115

The mini school bus for transporting guests from the market location to the residential hill for activities!

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 122

Sharon, who works at the site 6 days per week, shows a little boy how to drive the roller.

Fall_Festival_11-8-09 108

Lastly here is an overall view of the equipment with the brunch tent in the distance.

If you weren’t able to join us and are interested in finding out more about the project, please let us know.