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Panoramic Views of Newbury 10/31

These are the first photos that can really start to illustrate the vastness of the Newbury site.  Taken on Friday from the upper portion of the site where the for sale homes will be built – the photos start to show how much land has been cleared for grading to start for the future community.

Here is a panoramic taken from the hop of the site looking down at the future location of Newbury Market with I-79 in the background

Here is a shot taken from Oakridge Road looking across the future multi-family site which will feature rental apartments and townhomes in a wonderful wooded location.

The photo here is taken from the corner of what will be the central green in the Newbury community.  To the left is one of the residential street, and straight ahead you can see the location of the entry road roughed out.

Lastly, here is the view back towards the upper portion of the residential site – showing just how much space has been opened up to start grading for the community.

Now that we have the hang of stitching together these panoramic shots, we’ll be using this a lot more often to show broader project progress.