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Rising up the Hill 10/21

So where is all of that dirt going that is coming out down at the entrance?  Well it’s going further up the hill to the first fill slope that will be the foundation to the full entrance road.  Check out the photos of the progress today.

If you look at the photo above, you can see the fill slope – it is the lightest colored dirt that is above the dump truck on the left.  Soil is being loaded into these two dump trucks for them to unload up on the slope.

Here is a photo from above the fill slope – showing the dump truck delivering the fill, the bulldozer spreading it, and a soil compactor that is rolling out the soil and compacting it down.  Each load will only add 6-12″ to the slope, so these trucks work all day long to keep adding more rise to the slope.

Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow!