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Newbury 500 – This Weekend

The First Annual Newbury 500 will finally be held this Saturday,  May 5 from 12pm-4pm. As you are probably aware, the event was postponed from the original date due to weather issues. Please be aware that it is not to late to RSVP or register to race. Please find the event information by clicking this […]

Newbury 500 Postponed

Due to the current weather forecast for this Saturday, April 21st, the Newbury 500 is postponed. The event will now take place on our rain date of May 5th, 2012. We hope that this last minute change will provide more accommodating weather for the racers and the other activities scheduled. Please RSVP for our new […]

First Annual Newbury 500 – April 21, 2012

The First Annual Newbury 500 will be held on April 21, 2012 from 12pm-4pm. The event will feature a full-scale soap box derby with the track running along the northernmost portion of Newbury Highland before ending at the Marbleseed Lane cul-de-sac. The soap-box cars have been constructed and will be sponsored by Newbury as well […]

Newbury Market Retail Announcement

Last week, Newbury released the press release that many in the community have been eagerly anticipating and hopefully it did not disappoint. It was announced and reported by the Pittsburgh Business Times last week that Newbury Market will be the future home to a 120,000 square foot office building built by Madison Realty, a 125-room […]

Construction Update March 4, 2011

As part of the Newbury project, the current 84 Lumber store located along Rt. 50 would need to re-locate in order to accommodate the future entrance to Newbury Market. The store is being constructed along Presto Sygan Road near the intersection with Millers Run Road. This new facility will be one of the premiere locations […]

Aerial Update of Newbury Market

This week we received some aerial photos of the commercial site at Newbury. The photos were taken on December 12 and although some more recent construction is not included, these photos will provide you with the best views of the retail site as a whole. Please use this site plan and labeled photo to better […]

Construction Update December 28, 2009

This update will focus primarily on the work for the retail portion of the site. A great deal of earthwork has been completed over the past few months and the upcoming photos will show this substantial progress. Below is site map to show where the photos were taken. The locations are numbered and have arrows indicating […]

Construction Update December 7th 2009

This construction update will focus on the work of the sanitary sewer and storm drainage crews as they continue to quickly progress up the site drive and through the residential portion of the site. Finally, we’ll feature a few shots of the completed earthwork at the portion of the project that is closest to beginning […]

Construction Update December 3rd 2009

In this update, we will track the progress of the Sanitary Sewer crew, as they have almost reached the top of residential hill. Also, we will show the progress of the earthwork operation on the residential site as well as the building pads and surcharge at the retail section of the site. Below are the […]

Construction Update

Here we are with another construction update. This one will focus on building pads at the retail site to utility work up the residential site drive to some of the  same ongoing earthwork on the residential site from the previous construction update! So we will be showing progress all the way up the hill. These […]