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1 Residences Overview

destined to be the heart of the South Hills.

For the first time in history, residents of the southern suburbs have a world-class, comfortable community where they can live, work and play in a place that's both new � and as familiar as home.
Think front porches. A backyard big enough for a barbecue - or a wiffle ball game. Newbury homes are new - and still familiar � bringing together form and function, tradition and innovation.
The lower portion of the site is being transformed into Newbury Market, a true, thriving main street for South Fayette. The upper portion of the site is home to the neighborhoods of Newbury � a residential community with tree-lined streets, sidewalks, parks and front porches mindfully designed to complement the land and natural views.

Floor Plans

Newbury is new and still familiar. Mindfully designed to complement the land and natural views.

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Phase I - IV Maps

Explore the many homes and home styles planned for the current three phases of development.

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New and Still Familiar
Streets with sidewalks. Big backards. Front porches. A true neighborhood.
That�s Newbury.