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3 Green Standards

Newbury’s commitment to the environment

Our commitment goes beyond re-use of the land. It’s about treating the environment the way we treat our family and friends – with respect, love and pride.

EQA and our partners

are continually working to refine our home performance standards and communicate the science, technology and benefits to you, our clients. At Newbury, homes and businesses will be designed using the best sustainable practices in home building and community development. To that end, homes will reduce energy use by at least 40%, and a limited number of “zero energy” homes will be available. And, all buildings will utilize healthier materials that lessen their impact on the environment.

Home Styles

Newbury is new and still familiar. With tree lined streets, sidewalks, parks and front porches mindfully designed to complement the land and natural views.
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Newbury Market

Newbury Market is where you’ll walk and spend a few hours - or drive and spend the day. From Mom and Pop shops to big name stores, they’re all here. Learn more.