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2 Residential Vision

Primary Architectural Vernacular

Colonial Revival:

Newbury’s primary architectural style includes a wide range of styles with a rebirth of interest in the early English and Dutch houses of the Atlantic seaboard. Style features include an accentuated front door, normally with a decorative cornice supported by pilasters.


Windows are symmetrically balanced with the door centered on the façade, or may have an asymmetrical arrangement with entries to one side. Windows have double hung sashes and are frequently in adjacent pairs.

Secondary Architectural Accents


strongly influenced by the English Arts and Crafts movement, this style consists of low- or mid-pitched, gable and hipped roofs with wide cave overhangs and exposed rafter tails, while decorative false beams or bracketing are commonly added under the gables.


Porches are common, and porch roofs are typically supported by columns resting on more massive piers, extending to the ground.

Home Styles

Newbury is new and still familiar. With tree lined streets, sidewalks, parks and front porches mindfully designed to complement the land and natural views.
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Newbury Market

Newbury Market is where you’ll walk and spend a few hours - or drive and spend the day. From Mom and Pop shops to big name stores, they’re all here.
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