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Spend An Hour, Spend The Day

Caf�s, Boutiques & The Big Chains

Imagine food as you remember it � fresh and home cooked. Imagine walking from store to store and getting what you need in minutes not hours. That�s Newbury.

For more information, contact Jared Imperatore at [email protected].
From a slice of pizza at the Mom and Pop shop up the street to the convenience of big name stores to the fountain where you�ll meet up with the kids later. Walk and spend a few hours � or drive and spend the day.

Explore Newbury Market

From stores you know by name to boutiques you'll love to discover, there's so much to explore.

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Dine. Shop. Play.
Take your time. Yes, that's right. Take your time. It's all here. Whatever you might need. So relax, walk around. You'll still get it all done.

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