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A Proud Past. An Inspired Future.

Newbury is about a new way to live, work and play. And for us, the best beginnings start by looking at our past.

Years ago, industrial plants and working coalmines were scattered along the Newbury rolling hillsides as farmland stretched out far beyond. From 1928 to 1995 the site was home to industrial facilities and other companies. And though years of blood, sweat and tears took their toll on this land, EQA and our partners worked to develop a place we can continue to love and cherish.
Newbury shares a proud past with generations of Pittsburghers. Today, through thoughtful, patient and painstaking work, Newbury is being reborn.

Reclaim and redevelop

Since then, Beazer East, Inc. and EQA have worked with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the US Environmental Protection Agency to reclaim and redevelop the land. Today, it�s clear that time and diligent, patient and painstaking work has paid off.

Preserve and Protect

Newbury believes in treating the environment the way we treat our family and friends � with respect and pride. To that end, the homes at Newbury are of the highest quality � and mindfully designed to tread a little lighter on the earth. It just makes sense. If you love where you live, work and play, you should preserve and protect it to the best of your ability.
Our Vision
Newbury is a residential community with tree-lined streets, sidewalks, parks and front porches mindfully designed to complement the land and natural views.